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Dumpsters are currently not available.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Please check back for updates on dumpsters.

Recycling and other waste options are still available.  Thank you!

Our Commercial Service - 

Metro Waste Systems provides commercial waste removal to businesses throughout San Antonio and south Texas.  We strive to ensure dependable and quality service at the most competitive prices available.  Numerous businesses count on Metro Waste to provide them with on time service, reliable service, every time.

We offer a variety of container sizes to suit your businesses unique waste collection and disposal needs.  Regardless of your companies size, our commercial sales representatives will work with you to determine which waste pickup program will meet your needs, on-site space, and options that will help protect the environment.

For recycling needs our experts will work with your business to create recycle programs that will improve operations, reduce landfill rates, and help the environment. 

At Metro Waste Systems we will help you get the most out of your waste and recycling services! 


How Can Metro Waste Help Your Business

For our commercial customers we offer competitive pricing, regular communication and careful maintenance of on-site equipment. Our executive team will work with you to identify and/or address any concerns before they impact our client relationship. For smaller businesses who may not require the use of a dumpster we can provide curbside pickup and recycling as well.

Please call us at 210-807-8555 and work with our commercial sales representatives to help design a solution that will meet your business' needs.

Waste Pickup

Our commercial sales representatives will work with you to build a custom waste pickup plan for your business, large or small.


For waste disposal, our representatives will work with you to find the right dumpster size and schedule to fit your needs.

Recycling Services

Our industry experts will help you build a recycling program that will help your business go green and help the environment.

Other Waste Services

Metro Waste provides different programs that can help your business remove materials that can't easily be recycled or taken to a dumpster.

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